Botcake is a FREE Chatbot automation platform in the ecosystem of software to support online business management of

With Botcake, you can easily access and create a Chatbot for platforms like Messenger, ZaloOA, Instagram Official, WhatsApp.

Here are a few basic features of, we will dive into the advanced features inside each section.

Send mass messages

  • Send thousands of messages to old customers for free.

  • Automatically classify and send personalized messages to each customer group.

  • Increase the rate of customers interacting with the business by 5 times.

  • Easily optimize the success rate of sales thanks to the statistics of the effectiveness of each campaign.

Auto reply

  • Automatically inbox hundreds of comments in seconds by chatbot.

  • Automated chatbot system will help you sell and consult customers even while you are sleeping !

  • The system will store the information and re-sell it until the customer makes a purchase, completely free!.


  • The system automatically collects and manages comments/inboxes on all the fan pages you connect to, processing them in a single place.

  • Automatically categorize Buyers, non-buyers and vip customers,...

  • Manage purchase history.

Integrate with multiple platforms

  • Integration with the Pancake platform allows you to manage conversations and tag customers that can sync directly with the chatbot.

  • Sell ​​directly on Messenger by automatically creating orders to Pancake, Pos.

  • Connecting to Google Sheets allows you to save/retrieve data from Facebook to Google sheet.

  • Botcake has the same ability to work with different platforms such as Messenger, ZaloOA, Instagram Official, WhatsApp.

Manage customer data, optimize data and use it flexibly.

Botcake stores customer data, syncs back and forth with Pancake.

Classification of message recipients

Botcake provides users with options to categorize message recipients. Sending messages to "not yet purchased" or "potential customers" are two typical examples. To do this, it will be optimal if users use and at the same time.

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