Upsell does not violate Facebook's policy

1.Create a flow of thank you messages after a customer makes a purchase

  1. Create a thank you message

Go to: Botcake -> Flow -> Create New Flow -> Set Flow Name

Add content to the stream

Example: Letter of thanks!

Thank you: ........ received the goods If you need support, please text or call the hotline: 09.678.151.29

Wishing you health and fortune! If a/c is satisfied with the product quality, please press the "OK" button to let the shop know

2. Attach buttons to stimulate customer interaction

3. Upsell after the customer interacts with the page again

After the customer interacts again, we will have 24 hours of unlimited advertising messages

2. Create a customer care scenario after purchase using the flow created above

Access: Botcake -> Sequences -> Create New

Attach the stream just created above to the script then activate the script

3. Turn on the scenario when the customer receives the goods

Access: POS -> Configuration -> Facebook -> Order status notification

Press "+" to add a message -> Use Botcake -> Choose a page, attach a script, tag guests

Save and use

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