What is Sequence:

Sequence is a very useful feature in customers care on a personalized route. That is, each customer will receive separate messages according to the time since they interacted. This helps customers no longer feel like being spammed as sending a series of messages, the rate of satisfied customers is higher, especially without spending too much manpower to take care.
To create a sequence, go to "Automation" -> "Sequences":
Click the "Create New" button, enter a name for the sequence then select "Create":
To create a new message, select "+ Message", you can create a new message or select an existing message.
To set the sequence configuration, click the underlined text
Section 1: Set how long after the message will be sent.
Section 2: Message sending interval.
Section 3: Add filter conditions for messages.
After configuration is complete, press "Save and update", turn on the blue switch to activate the message.
Note: Only customers who subscribe to the sequence can receive a message.