Rules - Create a customer group that satisfies the desired conditions and attach the accompanying action automatically.

We will give you an example to help you understand how this function works:

Let's say you have a promotion, giving discount vouchers to female customers who buy product on the occasion of March 8:

So, whenever a Female customer tagged with a Buy in March tag is automatically tagged Voucher. You only need to install it once and every action is done automatically, so when a new customer is eligible, there will be additional actions, you don't have to attach it manually as before.

In addition to saving time, you can customize, combine many conditions to categorize customers and create funnels for each desired campaign.

Go to Botcake -> Automation -> Rules:

Click the "+ Create" button, a window will appear for you to enter the name of the Rule. Once completed, click "Create"

There will be 2 main parts:

Section 1: Add conditions, you can choose multiple conditions to create a suitable customer group. Section 2: The action will attach to the group of customers who meet all conditions in Section 1.

+ You can choose 2 options that perform action "any number of times" or "once per user"

After you finish, press "Save" and the function starts working!

Also, note that the same Rule will trigger for the same subscriber once in 30 seconds in case it can be triggered more than once during a very short period of time.– It should also be noted that if you apply a rule trigger to a user via Bulk Actions in the Customer tab, the rule will not fire off. This is made in order to avoid bulk rule triggers for thousands or tens of thousands of people simultaneously which may easily overload your chatbot.

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