Keywords are a great way to automate conversations inside your bot, and keep in touch with your Subscribers!

Every time a customer sends a message to the page with content that satisfies the Keyword, Botcake will automatically respond and attach action to that customer. To create Keywords in your Botcake, go to Automation select Keywords and click the "Create new keywords" button on the right corner.

1. There are 7 ways to create keywords, depending on your intended use:

Content is: Only implemented when customers enter exact Keyword content.

Content containts: This is done when the customer enters content that contains the Keyword or by the Keyword itself.

Content contains and not contains: Fired when the content simultaneously contains Keyword A and does not contain Keyword B.

Content contains all: Only be done when the content contains all the Keywords you have setup.

Content contains all and not contains: Only done when the content contains all Keywords and also not contains a specific keywords.

Content start with: Performs when content begins with Keyword.

Content containts and not contains and contains: Only done when the content contains Keyword A at the same time and does not contain Keyword B, but containts Keyword C.

2. Setup Keyword:

  • You can set one or more keywords according to the keyword conditions you choose.

  • Once you have entered the keyword, press Enter. Note that keywords cannot be spaces or the same.

  • After saving the keyword, set the reply content with the accompanying action:

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