OTN Topic

Facebook offers a new type of message that can help you reach customers interacting outside of 24 hours. And there are some following characteristics:

  1. No need to tag messages.

  2. The message may contain advertising content.

  3. Only one message can be sent for each registered customer.

Botcake will show you how to sign up and set up OTN messages to help you reach and advertise with audiences who have interacted outside of 24 hours:

Pages interested in using this API need to apply for the “One-Time Notification” permission within the “Advanced Messaging” section of Page Settings. The page will need to agree to the beta terms and will be granted the permission if the page meets our criteria.

To create an OTN topic, go to Settings -> OTN Topic: Click on the "Create new topic" button, enter a subject name and description and then click save.

After you have been successfully granted permission and created the OTN topic, to send OTN messages, you need to be registered by the customer to receive OTN messages from the page.

To send an OTN registered message, go to the message settings, select "OTNR", fill in the message and select the topic you want the guest to subscribe to.

When customers receive the message and click the "Notify Me" button, they will be subscribed to the "New discount" topic, when they have authorized you can send OTN messages.

To send an OTN message, go to the Broadcast section, check the "Send follow up message (OTN)" box, then select the subject you want.

All guests who have subscribed to this topic before will receive an OTN message.

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