Custom Field

Custom field is a data field that helps you store customer information, such as email, phone numbers, addresses, and anything else you want your customers to provide you while chatting. You can view this specific information in each customer:

To set up Custom Field, go to Setting -> Custom Field, press "Create new Custom Field" button:

Then proceed to set up the Custom Field you want:

  • Name: How the property is displayed in the Botcake admin page. For example: "Phone number", "Email", etc

  • Types: There are 3 types of data types:

    • Text: The value of this custom field contains only characters.

    • Number: Value only contain numberic characters.

    • Date & time: Specific date and time values.

Note that you need to set this type of data type so that when filtering values ​​in custom fields accordingly.

  • Description: Make note of the custom field you created.

After filling all the information you click OK.

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