Product Management

Integrating product feature from Pos to help manage sales from the store to online channels and send product attachments as a way to sell from messenger. Increase productivity, reduce costs!

To synchronize products from Pos, you must first attach to the Webform at the button associated with the message. Attached products are automatically saved and displayed in "Configuration" -> "Product management".

Click on each product to see the model details, properties, ... and cannot be edited.

After the product is attached to the button and sent as a message in messenger, when the customer clicks on the attached button, the messenger opens a page displaying the following:

You can change the language, currency, country, target marketplace,.... in webform setting in

Product information includes: Product code, product name, attributes, price, photos (if any). Below are the information fields for guests to fill out. You can set these fields in the Setting -> General section. After completing the form and sending it, the application will be automatically generated including the product, personal information, delivery address and counted as the order created by the system. The condition is that you have to turn on automatically create Pancake, Pos orders in Setting.

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