Marketing messages

Marketing messages (MM) help businesses broadcast messages on Facebook to customers after 24 hours of AGREE to get updates about the business's products/services.

Use case: If you are a reseller in the Fashion industry, different seasons will update NEW COLLECTIONS of new trends. With MM, we can send a message to many existing customers at a time, to update them for summer, or winter arrivals.

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With MM, users can send messages containing advertising content to customers continuously without any restriction. This is an official Facebook feature, so there is absolutely no risk of your Page being restricted by Facebook.

Best Practices

You should send people relevant, valuable Marketing Messages, in order to create a high-quality user experience by doing the following:

  • Your opt-in request, including the title and image, encompasses the types of Marketing Messages users can expect to receive, such as order updates, product recommendations, or certain offers

  • When sending more than one opt-in request to a user, each opt-in request should clearly state the different, specific types of Marketing Messages the user can expect to receive

Marketing Messages should be relevant and tailored to use cases that a user is likely to find valuable.

Users can provide feedback on your messaging experience, including blocking your messaging, which may result in restrictions on your use of Marketing Messages. You should regularly review your opt-in requests and Marketing Messages to see if they meet the best practices above.

Especially, we have integrated MM feature on POS, allowing you to send notifications to customers like sending order notifications when you CONFIRM orders.


  1. Botcake > Setting > MM Topic >New Topic

2. You will need the consent of the customer to be able to send Marketing Messages to them. Make a button in any Flows, Keywords, or Sequence to let them subscribe to MM!

Click on a Flow > MMR > Choose the Topic

When customers subscribed to MM, you can send Broadcasts with Promotional Content to your customer, following the Frequency, Requirements, and Limitations:

Frequency: DAILY - allows businesses to send one message per day per token for a period of 6 months.


  • You must comply with all applicable Developer Policies when using Marketing Messages or other Messenger Platform features

  • You may only send a request for a user to opt into Marketing Messages within the standard messaging window. A user’s action of opting into Marketing Messages does not open the standard messaging window

  • Your app and/or messaging experience must not receive excessive negative feedback from users. Messaging capabilities may be restricted or removed if we determine your app’s messaging experience has received excessive rates of negative feedback from users

  • You must not use Marketing Messages, including opt-in requests, to spam users. This includes sending duplicate opt-in requests at high frequencies to the same user or users and other types of spam as defined by our Developer Policies

  • You must respect the limitations we have placed on the functionality of Messenger Platform and Marketing Messages in order to maintain the scope of service we are providing you


  • You can only send one opt-in request per week with the same, specific title to a person. This includes the default value of "Updates and promotions".

  • Do not send duplicate opt-in requests to a person. A duplicate opt-in request is defined as having the same title for notifications from a Facebook Page or the same title and image_url for notifications from an Instagram Professional account

  • You can only send in opt-in requests during the standard messaging window

  • If a person opts into marketing messages, this action does not open a standard messaging window

  • You can only see if a person has opted into receiving marketing messages but not the statuses for pending opt-in requests

  • If a person has chosen to stop receiving marketing messages, your notifications will no longer be delivered to that person and you will receive an error

  • A person can block, mute, or report your messaging

  • For marketing messages sent from an Instagram Professional account, generally, up to 10 opt-in requests for different titles can be sent per user over a 7-day period. A sub-limit of up to 5 opt-in requests may be sent to a user in a day. However, you should consider whether users are likely to find each opt-in request relevant and valuable before sending.

These requirements and limitations are subject to change as we are always striving for the best user and business experience.

3. When customers subscribed to MM, you can send Broadcasts with Promotional Content to your customers outside 24 hours.


Step 1: Set up a MM button inside a Sequence in Botcake

Step 2: Register MM Sequence to POS statuses

Access > Setting > Notification > Facebook > NOTICE OF RECEIVING PROMOTION/ EVENT INFORMATION

Click "Add" > Fill in Topic > Choose Status: Confirm > Choose FB page > Choose Sequence and click SAVE

Don't forget to Activate this setup

Step 3: Whenever the order is updated to CONFIRMED -> MM button will be sent along

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