1. Config customer tags

  • Synchronize Tag from Pancake in real-time

  • Synchronize Pancake Tag from Botcake to Pancake in real-time

  • Auto attach Tag for customer when they sent message to page in the first time

Synchronizing the tag between Pancake and Botcake is a very useful feature, helping to manage Pancake's customers while combining Botcake's advanced auto reply! Save time, optimize conversion efficiency & increase sales.

2. Tags:

Click the "Add new tag" button, then fill in the tag name, choose to attach or remove sequence:

The tag-sequence will be automatically attached / removed sequence when attaching / removing the tag. You can edit or delete tags by clicking the Icon to the right of the table.

Attaching / removing tags with sequence will saves you time in managing and sending customer care message automatically.

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