Creating a lucky spin is a way to attract potential customers for your business very effectively.

To setup integration, go to Settings -> Integrations

You need to create a prize first, by clicking the "+Additional Rewards" button, entering a custom code and adding a description, then click "OK". Click the "Create new integration" button, a configuration modal as follows will appear:

Installation steps follow these steps:

  • Select the background image, rotation wheel, rotate button image to suit the phone screen.

  • Enter the number of turns you want, each customer can only spin a maximum number of times there.

  • Add the award code you created earlier, and fill in the corresponding proportions for each corresponding code.

  • The total% of all prize codes must be 100%.

  • To activate the rotation, check the button in the left corner, then click save.

After you have successfully installed the spin, to integrate into the messenger, go to the message settings. Click the install button, select "Integration" then select the rotation.

Customer after clicking "Button #1" will show lucky spin on messenger as follows:

Customers who win the prize will receive a notification message about the prize.

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