Make an Appointment

Botcake provides a feature to create and manage appointments with customers
This feature helps to reach customers and encourage them to schedule an appointment. This tool can also manage all your appointments and notifications through the Google Calendar service integration. Please follow the steps below:

I. Integrate your Google account into Botcake

The appointment creation tool works based on Google Calendar service. Go to Settings > Integrations > Google API Integration menu and proceed to sign in to your Google account (make sure you have selected the permissions that Botcake requires on this Google account)
Click on Sign in with Google and sign in with your Google account
Make sure you agree to the permissions that Botcake requests on your Google account
You will see your Google account appear here after successful login

II. Set up your appointment

We are going to create a webform containing the appointment settings and send it to the client. Go to Settings> General > Webform > Make an Appointment (scroll down if you have a small screen size)
Click on the icon to edit the webform
Configure the appointment in accordance with the service you are providing
Click "OK" to save the configuration

III. Send appointments to your customers

You can attach this webform to a button and send this content to the client.
Create a button that open the webform and attached content
Select Make an Appointment

IV. Customer side

The customer will receive a message containing an appointment button.
Click the "Make an appointment" button
After filling in the appointment information, press Submit and a confirmation message will be sent.
Appointments will be automatically added to the customer's Google Calendar

V. Appointment management

To manage appointments with clients, go to Settings > Appointment. You will see the full schedule of appointments here.
Click on a specific date to see details