Integrated Zalo OA

Botcake provides integration with Zalo Official Account
  • Send default message.
  • Auto-reply by keyword.
  • Send sequences.
  • Automatically send according to Preset Rules
How to use the above features is similar to how to use Botcake for Facebook messenger

How to create a ZaloOA account (Zalo account for business)

Step 1: Visit the OA initialization page Log in to your OA account by following the link
There are 2 ways to login:
  • Log in with your registered phone number and password Zalo.
  • Scan QR code
Click on “Create New Official Account”
Step 2: Choose the type of account OA Click Create New Official Account to create a new account Choose your Business account type
Step 3: Choose a category Select one of the subcategories that match your business form (located below the main Business category).
Step 4: Enter information Fill in the information Official Account Name, Description, Full name and phone number of the creator of OA
Step 5: Update your profile picture, cover photo Please refer to the profile picture and cover photo policy before updating the image on OA
Standard picture:
  • Profile photo (150x150 pixels, size <1MB, png or jpg format).
  • Cover image (320x350 pixels, safe area 320x180 pixels, size <1MB, png or jpeg format).
Step 6: Enter business address Select the city, city/district and enter the address where the business is operating. Please provide the correct address to make it easier for OA to be found.
Click Finish to initialize the OA
How to link Botcake with ZaloOA account
After you have a ZaloOA account, immediately access, click Connect Zalo OA , a dialog box opens, click Connect (as shown below). So you have successfully connected your Zalo OA account with Botcake