This is the first item you see when connecting to botcake. In this menu, you can set up general options for your chatbot.

Note: the functions in this section are regularly updated and may differ from reality, we will try to update this document as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the support hotline.


Greeting is the best way to give a brief summary of your Facebook Page, limited to 160 characters and can include visual symbols.

Note: You can add parameters like Last name and Username, but if the total characters, including the parameter you add, exceed 160 characters, it will be truncated.

To configure the Greeting, go to Configure. Type your text in the compose box in the Greeting section. Then click the Save Now button below:

And this is what users will see when they visit the page and hit the send message button:

Good content greetings can help you increase your conversion rate, don't skip the step of reconfiguring the greeting when connecting and Facebook Page!

Pancake side conversation status when Bot replies:

You can choose to sync the status of conversations and comments to Pancake if Botcake has automatically texted or replied to comments.

Messenger platform and built-in Webform utility on Messenger:

1.Messenger Platform:

Third-party domains accessible in Messenger webview for use with the Messenger Extensions SDK and for Messenger plugins.


Webform is a form to collect user information in Messenger, its benefits are to help customers register information quickly, and can confirm phone numbers via sms to avoid order spam.

This function can also help you create orders on Pancake, POS is very convenient if you use them.

In this section, we can add and remove some necessary fields such as Note, Priority delivery date, Country.

To add products from POS to the button when sending a message: Select add button -> "Open webform on messenger" Select a warehouse, then search for products by sample code, name, barcode, ...

Click "OK" to save.

Select a warehouse, then search for products by sample code, name, barcode, ..... Click "OK" to save.

3. Some other customizations:

  • Currency: Customize the currency in the product management or webform.

  • Start button on/off: Allows customizing the start button for first time visitors to the page.

  • Copy bot: Copy bot from one site to another, only people with admin rights can perform this action.

  • Deactivate bots: Cancel the integration of Botcake with your site.

II. Notify:

Automatically notify admin when the token on the bot expires and cannot be automatically sent

The admin only receives a notification from the "notify admin" action when he or she has ever clicked the "Preview" button so that Botcake can recognize the PSID.

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