Growth Tools

Wondering how do to get people inside of your Messenger bot? That is where Botcake Growth Tools come in!

Botcake Growth Tools are designed to do what their name implies: help you grow your audience by either catching people's attention with a call to action or direct people into direct conversation with your bot.

Botcake offers an extensive array of Growth Tools to meet your needs:

  • QR code: Only with scanning QR codes that you provided, you can easily send a Opt-in messages to customers.

  • Customer chat: Customer Chat is the widget that can be installed on your website to interact with the users directly like in the Live Chat mode.

  • Messenger Ref URL: Provides an easy way to forward users to your page Messenger without any hassle. Just only insert a generated URL.

  • Facebook Ads JSON: Allows you to send a message to every user who clicks on your Facebook Ad.

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