To send a Broadcast, the Chatbot's recipient must meet the following requirements:

  1. Agree to receive messages from chatbot (can interact via the start button, chat with the fanpage, or interact with some tools and features in Botcake, ..)

  2. Included in the "Customers" section.

First, from the Botcake navigation menu, click "Broadcasts":

Then you need to do click on "New message" and create the message content to send the customer. You can select an existing message by clicking the "Choose from an existing list" button.

Once completed, click the "Next step" button in the upper right corner:

Botcake has created a filter to help users easily send messages to the right people. This function is as follows:

There are 3 types of messages as shown:

  1. Messages without ads: Messages tagged with Facebook rules, click here to learn more.

  2. Advertising message: This type of message contains advertising content to send to registered customers and interact within 24 hours.

  3. OTN Message: (OTNR) allows to ask subcribers if they want to receive tracking messages after 24 hours.

According to Facebook's regulations on broadcast activities of chatbot platforms worldwide, Fanpage can only send broadcasts with advertising, sales, promotions (Advertising messages) to customers who interact within 24 hours.

After 24 hours from the last interaction of the customer, the fanpage will only be able to send Universal Messages (the content does not contain advertising messages and has been tagged as Facebook's regulations).

For example: Customer A interact to fanpage on 12:00 8/3/2018, fanpage will have the next 24 hours to send advertising message to the customers. After 12:00 9/3/2018, fanpage will only be able to send Messages without ads (does not contain advertising content).

You can filter the targets you want to send separately in the "Objects" section:

When clicking on "+ Add filter condition", there will be conditions for you to filter a separate customers you want to send:

You can send Broadcast by the customer file with phone number or psid in the form of Botcake given.

In case you do not want to send immediately but schedule to send, the system will support you. You can choose the frequency of sending the amount of people per minute and total people to avoid being reported spam.

Recommendation: The Botcake team is not responsible for disabling, locking, or blocking your fanpage when your fanpage does not comply with Facebook's regulations on sending messages on the Messenger platform. You can refer to Facebook's rules here.

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