Here is a brief introduction about the "Customers" tab, including 9 main components:

  1. In this section, you can filter and search for a specific subscriber by name.

  2. The current number of selected subscribers out of total.

  3. Actions can be applied to many selected subscribers such as adding tags, removing tags, registering to sequence, etc.

  4. List of your subscribers.

  5. Number of all subscribers.

  6. The list of subscribers is filtered by tags.

  7. The list of subscribers is filtered by sequences.

  8. Download the subscribers list after filtering.

  9. Sync subscribers and tags from Pancake.

You can view customer information by clicking on the row on the table and also add actions for subscriber such as add/remove tags, subscribe sequence, etc

Information includes:

  • Registration status

  • Subscriber's email.

  • List of subscriber's phone numbers.

  • Subscriber's psid

  • Tags and sequences have been tagged for subscribers.

  • Custom Fields

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