[Attention] We recommend users to use to handle live conversations (Livechat)

When talking about chatbots, most people imagine a completely automated chatbot - automatically answering questions and responding smartly before the manual work of humans. And of course, that's a big part of chatbots and Messenger Marketing that everyone wants to achieve.

But the fact is, chatbots can't answer all the questions automatically. In case of encounter some personal questions while selling, make sure you have to answer manually. And maybe you did a manual chat using the "Livechat" feature on your Facebook Page, which looks like this:

The problem is that processing your messages inside Facebook with a fairly cumbersome interface - Especially when you have to manage dozens or even hundreds of conversations happening at the same time.

That's why we created the Live Chat feature, which you can access in the menu on the left hand side of the navigation menu:

Live Chat is essentially a conversation between you and your subscriber in real-time. For more convenience, you can directly add/remove tags and sequence your customer in "Live Chat".

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