Tổng quan

Flow is where all the messages you have created are stored, allowing you to manage, view, edit, copy, delete, etc. Here is the Flow page, where all messages are stored:

Following are the features of the Flow:

  • Create folders containing messages, helping you manage messages more effectively. By clicking the "Create new folder" button, then enter the folder name

  • Create new content, allowing you to create and store backup message templates so that you can use them again and again. Click the "Create new content" button, enter a name, then select OK.

  • Review the message, click on the flow bar, botcake will automatically redirect you to the content editing page.

  • Copy the content. Click the "three dots" in the content bar, then choose Copy. The copied content will automatically be pasted into the "Flows" folder.

  • Correct the name or delete the content. Click on the "three dots" in the content bar, choose "Edit name" or "Delete content".

  • Split or merge folder. You can merge folders together by dragging folder A and dropping into folder B. Then folder A and all the contents in it will be contained in folder B.

  • If you want to drag the folder out, drag the folder you want to move, drop it into the folder you want to move to.

  • Drag and drop content into folder.

  • Correct the name or delete the directory. Click on the last three dots in the folder bar, choose "Rename" or "Delete folder".