Facebook Comments

This tool will help you automatically send messages and reply comments to customers according to the configuration available when your subscribers comment on the post on the Fanpage.

To turn on the function of automatically sending inbox and reply via comment, go to "FB comments", tick two buttons:

  1. Automatically reply when customers comment.

  2. Automatically inbox when customers comment.

You can choose to reply only to the first time your subscriber comment on the Fanpage by tick:

  1. Only auto when customer comment for the first time on page.

  2. Only auto when customer comment for the first time on each post.

Note: You can also set up automatic replies for individual posts in the "According To Post" section.

Below is a brief introduction to the "Fb Comments" tab, with 4 main components:

  1. In this section you can search for 1 specific post.

  2. Lets you filter posts by setting.

  3. Install an automatic inbox response from the comment for each post.

  4. Choose to turn on / off automatic replies for all posts.

Some notes to be aware of when using facebook auto comment and reply

  • Facebook strictly controls how to use this feature. To prevent your Fanpage from being blocked, we have limited the automatic response rate per minute.

  • Keep in mind that due to the technical limitations of the Facebook platform, it is not possible to track 100% of new subscribers correctly via Facebook. Those users will still be saved to the normal system, but in some cases, users will not be able to receive Opt-In messages and will not be registered as registered through this Tool. For this reason, remember that the actual conversation rate may be higher than the number shown.

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