The first item you see when you log into Botcake is the Dashboard:

In the Botcake Dashboard, you'll see the avatar for the page, the page name and the link to the messenger. All are arranged very neat and easy to use. You can send that link to everyone or post it anywhere for more interaction, more subscribers.

You can analyze customers statistics with 3 different metrics. You can customize the time period according to your needs (1 day / 7 days / month ...) to see the specific customer:

  • Subscribes: Hit customer registration.

  • Net Subscribes: Hit clients registered on the system.

  • Unsubscribes: The number of registered customers minus the actual registration.

This is followed by customer statistics by gender and source and total registered customers.

Below is a chart of the number of messages and comments sended from Botcake. You can customize the time period to see the specific statistic:

Finally, the list of messages you have installed in Botcake. The left is the total number of messages you have set, the right is the most recently updated message.

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