Messager Ref URL

'Messenger Ref URL' provides an easy way to forward users to your page Messenger without any hassle. Just insert a generated URL in any place most visible, like your email newsletter.

Here's how it works. First, you have to create new 'Messenger Ref URL' growth tool in 'Growth Tools' tab:

Then, Preview its Opt-in Message in 'Message content' tab or just attach a new Flow with Select button.

Then fill 'Custom Ref Parameter' field in 'Config' tab (if necessary) and Save changes. This parameter allows you to make the link look more attractive and identify your Ref URL link among your other links.

Save Payload to a Custom User Field option allows you to add any custom information (unique name, numbers, variables) at the end of Ref URL link and pass it to a Custom User Field after someone opt-ins through this link. Here you can specify the Custom User Field this parameter will be saved in.

After your Ref Url is ready, add any custom parameter after -- symbols after the link (as a result, you’ll have something like this: https://YOUR_REF_URL--CUSTOM_PARAMETER).

Now you can copy 'Your Messenger Ref URL' by clicking on Copy option.

That's it! Now users will receive your Opt-In Message every time they click on the link.

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